General Guideline on R&K Products

Safe Handling

  • Our products or the components used in them may contain materials listed below. Please
    exercise sufficient caution in handling and disposal.

    • Compound Semiconductors
    • Beryllium Oxide (BeO)
    • Cobalt Metal Powders (Ferrite, etc.)
    • Other Materials that may have an effect on the human body, the environment, or assets
  • Capacitors and Backup Power Supplies, etc., may have built-in batteries that contain heavy
    metal. Normally, the risk from such products is insignificant; however, if they are damaged
    or exposed to strong electron beams or X-rays, etc., they may have severe effects on the
    human body, living organisms, or the environment.
  • Even if our products and applications that contain our products are functioning properly,
    they may have direct or indirect effects on the human body, the environment, or assets due
    to electromagnetic wave interference, etc., that was unpredictable at the development and
    manufacturing stages.
  • Applications that contain our products may pose a risk to the human body, the environment,
    or assets. We do not guarantee the safety of such applications. Manufacturing and use of
    such Applications is at your own risk and discretion.
  • We assume no responsibility or liability for damage resulting from your use of our products
    for any purpose other than that of normal use.