Privacy Policy

R&K Policy on Personal Information Protection Law

R&K Company Limited (“R&K”) is very concerned about the protection of personal information. R&K manages personal
information with utmost care and attention, and has established a policy on the protection of personal information. R&K is reinforcing and continuously improving our management systems in order to comply with laws, regulations, and other rules governing the protection of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information may include any information relating to individual persons that could identify an individual through the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of work, birth date or other descriptions (including information with which one can easily check up with other information, and identify an individual as a result of such checkup).

Appropriate, and Continuous Maintenance and Improvement of it’s Management System

R&K has established an internal management system, clarified the responsibilities of each staff member, ensured that our officers, employees and contractors are advised of, and comply without fail with the policy on the “Protection of Personal Information”.

R&K continuously improves and maintains this system in the most appropriate manner.

Clarification of Purpose of Use

Upon obtaining personal information fairly according to applicable laws, R&K fulfill any legal requirement such as clearly stating the purpose of use of such individual information.

Use of Personal Information

R&K will use personal information according to a narrowly defined purpose of use, and only to the extent approved by each such individual person, unless otherwise permitted by laws and regulations.

Disclosure to Third Party

R&K will properly manage personal information provided to us, and will not disclose or provide the same to or for any third party other than our contractors or business affiliates unless otherwise approved by such individual person beforehand, or in the case of outsourcing certain operations to outside contractors.

Response to Request for Disclosure, Correction, Removal, etc.

R&K, respecting the individual’s rights in regard to their personal information, will respond without delay whenever we are requested to disclose, correct, remove, suspend the use of, or delete any personal information we hold unless such a request goes against laws and regulations.

Security Measures

R&K will take appropriate measures to ensure information security such as those to prevent unauthorized use or computer viruses, or to protect personal information from loss, destruction, falsification or leakage.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and other Rules

R&K will comply with the laws, regulations and other rules concerning the protection of personal information.


November 2008
R&K Company Limited