RF/Microwave Components

R&K Power Detectors (DE Series)

R&K’s DE series products are power detectors that are available in various types such as with diode and with MMIC depending on internal components and structure.

Diode type are configured with passive components; therefore, no power supply voltage is necessary to operate.

There are two types of MMIC versions; RMS type and Log converter type with a wider dynamic range, which can be selected depending on the input frequency, with or without the modulation to the input signal, application and purpose.

Our standard specification of single power supply operation makes extremely easy for users to design circuit and handle.  Our standard specification of single power supply operation allows users to easily design circuit and use.

Product List

Model Number Frequency (MHz) FLATNESS (dB) DYNAMIC RANGE (dB) SUPPLY VOLTAGE (V) CURRENT (mA) Characteristics Data Sheet
Max Min Max
DE010-0F 0.1-3000 ±0.5 30@2GHz - - Zero Bias Diode Detector Download
DE020-0S 0.1-2500 ±1.0 30@2GHz DC+12 30 Linear V-in-VRMS Download
DE030-0S 500-3000 ±3.0 40@2GHz DC+12 100 Linear V-in-dB,for Modulations Download
DE040-0S 1-6000 ±2.5 60@2GHz DC+12 120 Linear V-in-dB Download