RF/Microwave Components

R&K Frequency Doublers (DB Series)

R&K’s DB series products are wideband & low loss frequency doublers that employ RF ferrite transformer. Out standard DB series products covers input frequency range from 100kHz to 1500MHz with output frequency range from 200kHz to 3000MHz. Unlike regular tunable doublers, our DB series products can be used without tuning. And because of its extremely wide operating frequency band, various RF measurements can be performed with a small number of DB series products. And by combining with power amplifier and band-pass filter, higher level of power multiplying circuit can be configured.

Product List

Model Number Input Frequency (MHz) Output Frequency (MHz) CONVERSION LOSS (dB) SUPRIOUS (dBc) POWER RATING (W) Data Sheet
F1 F3 F4
Max Min Min Min
DB010-0S 0.1-250 0.2-500 14.5 15 25 10 0.1 Download
DB020-0S 1-500 2-1000 14 13 23 10 0.1 Download
DB030-0S 10-1500 20-3000 16 14 20 10 0.1 Download