RF/Microwave Components

R&K Transformers (TX/TR Series)

R&K offers two series of RF Transformers; one is impedance conversion transformer (TX series), and another is an isolation transformer (TR series).

Our TX series products are extremely wideband impedance transformers capable of bidirectional conversion between 50ohm and 70ohm that employ RF ferrite transformer method. Our standard TX series products cover the operating frequency range from 100kHz to 2000MHz.

Our TR series product are extremely wideband isolation transformer capable of bidirectional conversion between 50ohm and floating 50ohm. Operating frequency range is from 100kHz to 700MHz. Both series are available in coaxial connector package.

Product List

Model Number Frequency (MHz) INSERTION LOSS (dB) VSWR (50Ω Port) POWER RATING (W) Data Sheet
Max typ
TX010-0B 0.1-200 1.0 1.25 1 Download
TX020-0B 1-1000 2.5 1.15 1 Download
TX030-0N 5-2000 2.5 1.2 1 Download
TR010-0S 0.1-200 1.5 1.1 1 Download
TR020-0S 2-700 2.5 1.35 1 Download