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Date Model Description PDF
2020.02.19 GA801M402-5757R New Model : 800MHz ~ 4000MHz, 550W All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2020.02.13 GA252M602-5353R New Model : 2500MHz ~ 6000MHz, 200W All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2020.02.13 GA252M602-5050R New Model : 2500MHz ~ 6000MHz, 100W All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2020.02.13 A101K102-4747R New Model : 100kHz ~ 1000MHz, 50W All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2020.02.13 CA2856BW20-5858RP New Model : 2856MHz ± 10MHz, 600W Pulse All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download


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Date Title Description PDF
2021.09.14 A009K251-4646R Outline Drawing change Download
2021.09.09 GA701M282-4850R-LCA Outline Drawing change,  AC Supply Input:AC85~250V⇒AC90V~240V Download
2021.08.27 A009K251-6060R Outline Drawing change Download
2021.08.06 EOL of SMD Package and 8pin Package Products. Due to difficulties of procuring required parts and condition of production facilities, we have decided to discontinue SMD Package and 8pin Package Products. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers. We request your kind understanding about the circumstances regarding end-of-life consideration. Download
2020.12.10 A010K221-6464R Outline Drawing Change:(W)560mm×(D)1000mm×(H)1015mm ⇒ (H)1045mm Download
2020.10.30 A009K251-4444R Output Return Loss: 6.0dB (max.) / VSWR : 3.0 (max.)⇒6.0dB (typ.) / VSWR : 3.0 (typ.) Weight:15.0kg(max.)⇒11.0kg(typ.) Download
2020.10.30 A009K401-4444R AC Supply Input:AC85~250V⇒AC90V~240V Download
2020.10.30 LA0210G-3010-M Small Signal Gain:+29dB(typ.) / +27dB(min.)⇒+28dB(typ.) / +26dB(min.) Download
2020.08.27 AA360-0S Ver1.0 ⇒ Ver.2.0 Download
2020.05.07 AT010-0S Ver1.0 ⇒ Ver.2.0 Download


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Period of Time Event Name Location
January 10(fri.)~ 12(sun.), 2020 Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research 2020 WINC AICHI, Aichi, Japan
November 8(fri.), 2019 Solution Forum 2019 Ikebukuro Sunshine City Bunka-Kaikan , Tokyo, Japan
October 28(mon.)~ November 1(fri.), 2019 LCWS2019 (International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders) Sendai International Center, Miyagi, Japan
September 19(thu.), 2019 The 3rd ILC Technology Seminar 2019 Iwate Industrial Reserch Institute
September 1(sun.)~ 6(fri.), 2019 NAPAC2019 (2019 The North American Particle Accelerator Conference) Lansing, Michigan, USA, at the Lansing Center