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Date Model Description PDF
2023.01.05 GA102M802-2538-RS New Model : 1000MHz ~ 8000MHz, +36dBm All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2023.01.05 GA102M802-2538-0S New Model : 1000MHz ~ 8000MHz, +36dBm All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2022.06.21 GA402M802-4545R New Model : 4000MHz ~ 8000MHz, 25W All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download
2022.02.01 A101K102-5050R Update! Renewal Model : 100kHz ~ 1000MHz, 100W All Solid-State Power Amplifier. 750VA power consumption at 100W RF CW Output Power. Download
2021.12.01 CA200BW2-7585RP New Model : 200MHz ± 1MHz, 300kW Long RF Pulse All Solid-State Power Amplifier Download


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Date Title Description PDF
2022.11.02 AA1070-0S Ver1.0 ⇒ Ver.2.0 Download
2022.10.18 A009K251-5454R Outline Drawing Change Download
2022.09.29 A009K251-5050R Weight:16.0kg(typ.)⇒17.5kg(typ.) Download
2022.09.02 GA252M602-4444R Updated TYPICAL PERFORMANCE Data. Download
2022.08.17 AA470-0S Ver1.0 ⇒ Ver.2.0 Download
2022.07.01 AA1030-0S AC Supply Input:+12V ±0.5V 260mA (max.) ⇒ 200mA (max.), Maximum RF Input Power:+20dBm ⇒ +17dBm Download
2022.03.22 GA252M602-4444R Outline Drawing Change, Size:(W)320mm×(D)350mm×(H)177mm⇒(W)430mm×(D)450mm×(H)88mm(EIA:2U), AC Supply Input:AC100V±10%⇒AC90V~240V
2022.03.22 GA252M602-4040R Outline Drawing Change, Size:(W)320mm×(D)350mm×(H)177mm⇒(W)430mm×(D)450mm×(H)88mm(EIA:2U), Weight:15.0kg (max.)⇒12.5kg (typ.), AC Supply Input:AC100V±10%⇒AC90V~240V, Download
2022.03.16 GA701M402-4747R Outline Drawing Change, AC Supply Input:AC100V~240V⇒AC90V~240V Download
2022.03.09 A1.5K030-4040R Outline Drawing Change, AC Supply Input:AC100V⇒AC90V~240V Download


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Period of Time Event Name Location
January 7(sat.)~ 9(mon.), 2023 JSSRR2023 Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan
October 26(wed.)~ 28(fri.), 2022 JSNS2022 Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan
September 11(sun.)~ 15(thu.), 2022 Twelfth Continuous Wave and High Average Power RF Workshop(CWRF22) Geneva, Switzerland
August 22(mon.)~ 26(fri.), 2022 The 40th International Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL2022) Trieste, Italy
August 2(tue.)~ 4(Thu.), 2022 EMC+SIPI 2022 Spokane, WA, USA